H1440 Hat Tutorial Part 3

In the last tutorial (part # 2) we completed the Brim Foundation and the Crinoline Headband. This week’s tutorial will be shortish – as we will be doing some prep work for the bigger push next week.  While it may seem like we are getting a bit bogged down – we’ll be making lots of progress on finishing the hat soon!


Place the Brim Foundation on a flat surface with the basted edge upwards, and the folded edge on the flat surface.   Matching the center fronts, place the Crinoline Headband over the Brim Foundation and pin on either side of the center front mark.  The bound edge of the Crinoline Headband should be upwards, and the folded edge  should be against the Brim Foundation.  Match the folded edge of Crinoline Headband to blue lap line on the Brim Foundation.

(photo above shows the center front of the Crinoline Headband matched to the Brim Foundation. A piece of paper is inside to provide contrast.)

Repeat the process to match the center back markings.

(photo above shows the Brim Foundation, with Crinoline Headband matched at center back. A piece of paper is inside to provide contrast.)

Ease Brim Foundation as needed to fit into Crinoline Headband.  Depending on the stiffness of your Crinoline you may be able to gather it by hand, or may need to pleat it.  The crinoline that I am using in this tutorial is fairly stiff, so I have pleated it as needed to fit.

Pin securely, using lots of pins to control fullness.

(photo above shows the brim foundation eased into the Crinoline Headband. A piece of paper is inside to provide contrast.)

Steam and press Brim/Headband assembly over rolled towel or pressing ham to set easing, and to nudge back into a circular shape.

(photo above shows the pressed Brim Foundation and Crinoline Headband before stitching. A piece of paper is inside to provide contrast.)

Join the Brim Foundation and Crinoline Headband by machine or hand stitching close to the edge of the binding strip.

(photo above shows the Crinoline Headband joined to the Brim Foundation, stitched across the top, along the muslin Headband. A piece of paper is inside to provide contrast.)

Set the Brim Foundation/Crinoline Headband aside, while we make the Brim Facing.


On the wrong side of the fabric, mark the center front and center back lines at both ends, by chalk, thread basting, or dressmaker’s carbon.  If your fabric is of a light color, thread basting is suggested so that the markings do not show through to the front.

Be careful not to stretch or distort the bias cut Brim Facing while marking.  You do not have to mark the center horizontal turn line unless you wish to.

In the photos below the center front and center back lines are marked by black thread basting.

(photo above shows  the center back line of Brim Facing, marked.)

(photo above shows the center front line of the Brim Facing marked.)

Place the Brim Facing wrong side down on a flat surface, oriented as shown in the picture below.

(photo above shows Brim Facing, wrong side down and oriented correctly for joining.)

Bring the two ends of the Brim Facing towards the center, so that they parallel each other as shown in the photo.  (A piece of paper has been placed underneath to show the alignment clearer.)

(photo above shows the Brim Facing ends turned towards each other in the correct orientation for joining.  The wrong sides of the ends are facing up.)

Place right sides of Brim Facing ends together, matching center back markings, and notches.  Pin in place.

(photo above shows Brim Facing placed right sides together, with center back markings matched, to create diagonal seam.  Right side is inside of the Brim Facing.)

Join seam along the diagonal using a 3/8-inch seam.  Being careful not to stretch the bias.  Press seam open carefully.

(photo above shows completed and pressed seam for Brim Facing – wrong side out. A piece of paper is inside to provide contrast.)

Turn the Brim Facing right side out, so that the seam is on the inside.

Hooray!  This part of the tutorial is complete.  Next week we will attach the Brim Facing and construct the Side Crown for the next phase of the hat.

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