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1924 Children’s Fashion

Fresh Frocks For The Wee OnesFresh Frocks For The Wee Ones

Now that Spring is here, the warmth of the sun beckons the little one outside. It’s time to cast away the heavy coats and gloves of winter, and to dress as fresh and sprightly as the first flowers of the year.

Frocks for children are simple this season, being loose and comfortable, both for summer play and for ease of everyday care.

The rounded “boat” neckline is very much in evidence this Spring for children. A flat band often takes the place of a collar, made in matching or contrasting fabric. Collars when seen are to be of either the pointed or rounded shape, and are generally made in white trimmed with delicate lace.

Narrow ruffles as trim are sometimes used, but only sparingly. Shaped pockets, in the form of flowers, pouches or other whimsical devices lend an air of playfulness to these frocks. Hand embroidery and pin tucks also enliven garments made of a single solid fabric.

For the children of school and nursery age every day dresses are made of wool jersey, wool crepe, soft twills, mohair serge, plaids or heavier tub materials on the order of linen, linen-finished cotton, gingham, chambray, cotton or poplin. While cotton is usually the best choice of material for the simpler dresses planned for children, it is a very nice idea to have one silk frock for spring.

Afternoon and party dresses are of crepe de Chine, Georgette, occasionally crepe satin, taffeta and satin. A very nice choice is a striped wash silk in dull blue with a white background, and also having a narrow stripe of burnt orange to set off the blue.

For the tiny tots, the fine lingerie materials, net, Georgette and crepe de Chine are used for special occasions.

1950 Ladies Suit


Ladies Suit Size 32 Inch Bust

This ensemble features an interesting neck line design on the dress. Because the model on the left is turned sideways, it’s hard to see — but it is sort of like a rounded scoop neck – with these strange little pointy bits at the corners.

The jacket has a stand-up collar, and a flared waistline, with some open-seam details, giving it some little tabs at the bottom.


Digitizing is completed on all pattern pieces. Editing on the instruction graphics is in process.


August 15

Hot off the Presses

Two new patterns in the works right now – both at various stages of completion.

First up a 1940’s Bathing Suit/Play Suit.  Even though I know it’s much too cold for this perky little outfit now – it will make a delightful addition to the wardrobe come summer.


This is a lovely pattern from the mid-194o’s, the double tie in front for the halter top is a nice, distinctive touch.


Digitizing is completed.  Graphics scanned.  Currently typing and editing text for the instructions.


November 20, 2009.

After migrating most of the inventory to our new site provider, it became clear that there were a lot of categories that we had few or no patterns in.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that we had not a single 1920’s skirt pattern available!

This pattern seems to catch the classic 1920’s styling perfectly.  And it features three options for the skirt panel insert.  A plain straight panel, a pleated panel, and a gathered draped panel.  The addition of the attached camisole to keep everything in place is found on quite a few of the 1920’s (and some of the 1930’s) patterns in the archive.



4 of 8 pieces digitized and proofed.  Remaining pieces to be digitized, graphics to be scanned.


November 28, 2009

1933 McCall Pattern Company


JUNE 1933

The following patterns were featured in the June 1933 edition of McCall Style News. While some of these patterns may have been released previous to the June issue, all patterns shown below were available by this month.

Women’s Dress Patterns

7242, 7243, 7244, 7296


7382, 7383, 7387, 7388, 7389

7390, 7393, 7396, 7397, 7398

7400, 7403, 7404, 7405, 7406

7414, 7418, 7419, 7420

Women’s Coats

7391 – Evening Coatee

7410 – Box Coat

Women’s Blouses

7132, 7399, 7413

Women’s Skirts


Women’s Hats




113 – Hat and Purse

Women’s Lingere

7392 – Beach Costume

7395 – Pajamas

7401 – Princess Slip

7402 – Bias Slip

Women’s Misc.

7394 – Collars

Girl’s Dresses


7407, 7415, 7416

Girl’s Coats


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